The simple truths behind Data Warehousing

Enterprises today have seen growth in data at an explosive speed. Data is being generated swiftly from multiple sources/channels/databases and/or applications. Data is being generated not just from a user to system interaction but a huge source of data generation is from system to system interaction.

As the business terrain becomes increasingly complex and competitive, data across the organization needs to be utilized for risk analysis, operations, driving marketing/sales/supply chains or product decisions, regulatory disposition or for chalking out business strategies by the management.

Data coming into an enterprise from myriad channels could have the following issues:

·         data in different formats

·         duplicity of data

·         inconsistency

·         inaccurate or old data

All this prevents enterprises to use data to drive business decisions and strategies effectively.

Data Warehousing, BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics services are a critical part of enterprise data management which help tackle data issues by providing “good quality” consistent, accurate and up-to-date data to enable businesses for strategizing and decision-making.

Ince do Inc. is a bay area headquartered IT firm with operations across North America, South Africa and India. Incedo has dedicated Data Management teams which provide a broad spectrum of Data Warehouse solutions. Some of these are listed below.

•          Customer Data Integration:

Incedo’s data analytics industry in us solution integrates and manages customer data from different channels and systems. This ensures that all business units within the organization get an updated, accurate and consistent view of data.

•          Batch & Real-time Warehouse:

Incedo Inc. has extensive experience in designing traditional batch oriented Data Warehouses as well as extremely time sensitive trickle feed systems like in telecom mediation platforms, trading systems etc.

•          Product Information Management (PIM):

This aspect of data management supports linking, identification & synchronization of information across miscellaneous data sources. PIM also facilitates compliance through real-time monitoring.

•          ETL (extract, transform, load)

ETL leverages open source model to make data integration available to all types of organizations, regardless of their size, level of expertise or budgetary constraints. Experienced professionals of Incedo are specialists in ETL tools (both in Ab Initio and Informatica).

•          Data Architecture

Incedo Inc. has vast experience in the design of conceptual, logical & physical data models. Dedicated    data  management technologists at Incedo  re-engineer current data models to make sure that they are optimized for efficiency.

Incedo’s data management team comprises of seasoned professionals proficient in various Database technologies like Oracle, Teradata, Netezza and MongoDb with a thorough experience in Industry standard data modelling frameworks like IBM BDW, Teradata FSLDM etc.

The Pharma Data Analytics team at Incedo has complete understanding of activities such as Impact Analysis, Regression Testing, Infrastructure Design, Database Migrations, Performance Optimization and System Benchmarking. Incedo’s data warehouse team has extensive capabilities in designing high performance batch and real time data warehouse design.

Data Warehouses today are not just bigger and more robust, they are faster and more capable of providing meaningful data reporting and insights on-demand to anyone in the enterprise. All this and more makes data warehousing a crucial part of an enterprise’s data management scheme. contact us

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